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21 Feb 2017

People That Start Looking @ Pocket Change

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Hello Everyone,

Just a little short story here.

Typically, we may not broadcast the fact that we are coin collectors, or even have a coin collection, possibly out of privacy or fear "something bad could happen" to us or or collections.

But, once in a while we make exceptions to our rules & we open up & talk about our hobby, our passion, our interest, & our love of coins - Soon you find out if someone else has the same sensation as your self or sometimes the other person has never even given it a second thought.

So, a person that I met about 2 years ago finally started getting some exposure to the idea of coin shows, clubs, & collecting about a year ago - We talk about general themes, how, where & why - If I happen to find something in my pocket change, I happen to mention it as an aside

Last night, while I was at work, I receive a text message, "Hey, I just went through 30 rolls of pennies & I found 13 wheat pennies" ! - I started laughing, I really did not think this person was becoming interested in looking at or even for coins.

Now, it doesn't sound like they found anything that would melt their brain & of course I told them that I would review all of them to make sure. but I guess my point is, you never know how far of an interest you can create for someone in their mind, just by casual introduction.

Anyway, have a great day everyone !




Level 5

Wonderful to hear they caught the collecting bug. Great job!


Level 6

I have one friend that looks for coins. He watches our 2 dogs when we go to coin shows. He always has a modest want list for me so it works out great. Next show in March in Vegas!!


Level 6

It is always nice to share the hobby with someone. Enjoy the hobby


Level 7

That is the way to do it. I'm very happy for you and your friend. You brought back some memories. Thank you Mike.


Level 6

That's nice! If your friend finds something scarce, that will really be encouraging.


Level 4

What a great story! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

yesterday i found a 1940 nickel in change

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