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20 Mar 2016

Presidential Candidates

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Which of our Presidential Candidates has the strongest possibility of re-attaching our currency back to a precious metal, if any, & help bring our monetary system back from the brink of collapse?

More of a question than a blog point



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Fair Question. From the research I have done, Donald Trump has the most experience dealing with money matters. Whether or not this will affect our monetary system is a different question altogether. John Kasich was the author of the last Federally balanced budget, though once again, this is no guarantee as to whether or not he will utilize this skill, on the budget or on our coinage system. The extent of Ted Cruz's monetary dealings are restricted to any bills or budgets he approved as Senator. Hope this helps.


Level 5

As for the Democrats, I'm not really sure.


Level 4

Thank you every one - Good comments


Level 7

It won't be a President because he doesn't have the power over the bank's. The banks are the ones controlling the amount of money they want call the Treasury and they send it. That's one of the reason silver and gold fluctuate so much. That includes forieng countries like Venezuela and China.


Level 5

The candidates are all to busy promising to solve all the other problems created by their predecessors. When you are as rich as politicians are at this level they are non-to-concerned with what China is attempting to do (collect physical assets to back their currency).

I don't believe any are ripe for that challenge. I would, however, someday like to hear a (potential) Federal Reserve Chairman discuss it. If a candidate desired it, the Fed would probably shoot it down.


Level 6

I think you might be dreaming. Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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