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06 Jan 2022

Missing Letters and Numbers

| Stan McDonald - author

My research on missing letters and numbers resulted in most professional collectors stating that these coins provide no additional value. The proof is in the sales, so I decided to test the market at coin shows. There are a lot of collectors who like collecting these coins, and every time I dump these coins into a bowl, they sell out fast, proving there is value to these errors. Value: $5-$10
Letters and numbers are missing on coins because a die cavity is filled with particles blocking the die from making an impression (first photo). In addition, the die can become heavily abraded - this case is evident when there are a lot of thin raised lines where the number or letter should be. In most cases, the last number on a coin is missing (second photo).



Level 6

I have never found one... Interesting ; )


Level 5

I can see the 1 in the first picture. I just found my first “199X” Lincoln cent about a week ago.

Long Beard

Level 5

Thank you for sharing that and clarifying my former thoughts. Which were that they were merely weak strikes and not errors. And I've found many of them over the years.

Never found one...


Level 5

Wow nice error. Thanks for sharing!


Level 5


AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Nice Error coins . Thanks for sharing .


Level 6

Got to love all the different varieties of errors. At least I do. Just got my new CONECA overdate coin.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Error coins are of little interest to me. Of course if someone gave me a '55 DDO, I would be thrilled but I would never put it, or any error coin on my want list. Having said all that, I do enjoy your research and I do encourage anyone interested in errors to GO FOR IT.

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