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13 Jan 2022

Oddities - Metal imbedded into the surface

| Stan McDonald - author

The black material is embedded across the surface of this coin. The issue occurred in the minting process since the silver-raised lumps on both sides of the coin are embedded. It could be a feeder finger that shattered in the minting chamber. If this was manmade the coin would be damaged.

This coin could be a candidate for PCGS or NGC, however, I am not cetain I could recoup the $70 encapsulation cost.




Level 5

Great error. It is really interesting. Thanks!


Level 6

Nice error! Thanks for sharing it! ; )


Level 4

Wow, a quite fascinating error.


Level 5

Thanks for sharing. I’m with Bama on this, I’ve never sent anything in to get graded yet!


Level 5

Awesome, these errors are really interesting. Nice blog.

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice find . Many details to check up . Thanks for sharing .

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Yeah I get that. I have yet to send anything for grading out of my collection.

I have sent coins that I know will have a great return, but if I think it will not make the $$, I do not sent it. I cannot understand why so many people send proof coins to PCGS and NGC. There are thousands of these coins graded up to PR60, that sell on eBay for $5-$20, a loss of at least $40.

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