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08 Jan 2022

Oddities - Unusual Raised Line Pattern

| Stan McDonald - author

Raised lines on the surface of a coin are sometimes caused by debris that enters the minting chamber and damages the die. The first coin struck with the debris will have an impression on the coin minted, and subsequent coins will have raised areas outlining the debris.

The coin was of interest because of the odd raised lines which I can attribute to a damaged die, but I do not know what damaged it. The lines are too thin to be a paperclip. It is anyone's guess as to what fell into the minting chamber to modify the die.

PS - The oddities presented in the next week are from a 250,000 Lincoln cent coin search over 5 years.



Level 6

Another cool coin.... ; )

I have no goal of obtaining points - My only goal is to share as much information as I can for collectors. Since I am retired, I enjoy putting something on a blog almost every day for collectors to comment on. I have been collecting since 1962, wow I am old. I have seen collecting reach the pinnacle in the 1960s, then the removal of silver, wheat cents, and all of the Buffalo nickels took the steam out of collecting for years. With the advent of the internet, more collectors came back to the hobby. I have changed direction in collecting since 1999. I look for error coins because many of these coins get passed up and continue to circulation. Last year I discovered a 2019 DDO Lincoln cent and so far it is the only one graded MS66 NGC. - If I can do it, others can.


Level 4

Never seen that type of error before.

Those are rare.


Level 6


AC coin$

Level 6

Great catch, it is interesting.


Level 5

This is interesting. I don't see them or don't look enough. Two of this type of blog a day. 100 points a day times 365 days. 36,500 points a year. 4 more years maybe to be number 1 in points? Is that your goal? Not criticizing. Just wondering?

Yeah, I agree with Mokie.

It's Mokie

Level 6

LOL Golfer, No one is ever going to catch Mike, he is way way ahead of the pack and still very active.

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