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Level 5

Cannot tell from the photo.


Level 6

Looks worn and well used...but you never know ; ) Good luck on your quest! ; )


Level 5

Looks like a weak strike that got worn... Good eye though!


Level 6

Hard to tell from a photo. Check out CONECA and varietyvista.com. Good luck. Wear?

Long Beard

Level 5

Normal wear after many years of service. Worth melt.


Level 7

It's done it's duty.. Even cracked. Probably started as a weak strike and then it went to work!!.


Level 4

probably just worned out some coins just appear like that. have a 1952 cent looking like that.

Well almost all Mercs look like that so just another well worn example. Still goes in the collection.


Level 5

Very interesting find. Following to see if anyone has information. Hope its an error? Or something besides just wear.

if it's an over-polished die error that would be cool.

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