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12 Apr 2021

1971 S Ike "Peg Leg" and RPM?

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I recently acquired this coin and it was in its original blue package from the mint, still sealed. It is the 40% variety and upon inspection I found these varieties, or so I think.I would love input as to the validity of these and whether or not it is common to have both on one coin.
Thank you and Happy Collecting.


Nice find!

Thank you, it was an impulse buy at the place I usually buy from. Turns out to be a great impulse.


Level 5

Cool find. Peg leg for sure. See what the graders have to say.


Level 6

Very cool find! Welcome to the ANA and coin collecting! Glad to have you here ; )

Thank you. Glad to be here.


Level 5

Very interesting find. Let us know when you verify. Thanks

Will do. Thanks for the interest.

Long Beard

Level 5

I believe the proper terminology is an "inverted S", meaning it was punched into the working die upside down. As for an RPM, not sure.

Thank you for the lesson. It is nice having brilliant minds to pick.


Level 6

Make sure you check the NGC submission form for Varieties. I believe it's $15 but the just raised there fees this month on some things. Just call customer service. They are very nice. I recently watched a webinar from the Neuman Portal with the NGC variety guy. He is cool. Put down what you think it is and he will check it for everything. His, David Lange's, words. Here is a link to it. They were all recorded.: https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/book/598029 I believe you are new here. Welcome!!

Thank you. I am new both to here and to collecting as a whole.


Level 5

Peg leg 100%, and I am seeing a slight RPM as well. Send it off to NGC and mention the possible RPM in the notes. You might have something there!

That’s what I was thinking I was seeing. A “slight” RPM. At least I’m not crazy. I will definitely be sending it off now. Has there ever been one graded with both? Thank you so much for your input.


Level 7

Not sure about the RPM it's hard to see. Keep looking!!

Thanks for the input. I most certainly will keep checking on the RPM.


Level 6

I would go with Peg Leg. Hard to tell on the mint mark. Good luck and very cool. Send it in to NGC and see what they say. You have to pay the variety fee anyway. They will check it out and label what it is. Thanks. Here is a link: https://www.ngccoin.com/variety-plus/united-states/dollars/eisenhower-dollars-1971-1978/

Thank you for the feedback. Very helpful.


Level 5

I would definitely say it is a peg leg, but I am not to sure about the RPM, anyways, nice coin!

Thank you for the verification. I also am not sure about the RPM.

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