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07 Sep 2015

1917-s obverse mm half dollar

| Coinfox441

Finally!! I have a coin that has under a million minted!!! I got a 1917-s walking liberty half dollar with only 952,000 issued!! Also, this coin is a second issue. This is my only walking liberty half dollar, though. But next time I go to the coin shop, I'll be sure to get another one of these!! :)



Level 5

Have you been able to collect any other Walkers?


Level 5

Great coin! Myabe next time you could buy a less rare coin, but find one in ahigher grade! I got an AU-MS one for only $20


Level 7

Always buy what you like. Not what other people tell you too. Mike.


Level 5

nice purchase.


Level 6

Great find! I love Walking Liberty design!


Level 5

Congratulations on your collection addition. Keep it up!



Level 6

Good find. It's nice to have a plan, like you do.

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