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29 May 2017

Coin Show!

| Coinfox441

During the first week of May, I went to my second coin show. It was fifty tables (I dont know if that is large or small for a coin show, so if you friends could tell me…) full of fun. There were also two giant jackpots ( neither of which I won). One you had to gues how many spanish coins were in the box. I guessed 376. If you won, all the coins were yours. The second one was a regular raffle for some very expensivse coins. After checking out the raffles, I walked around for about an hour. I finally came to a decision and bought a silver bullion australian kangaroo dollar. I also saw a Saint Gaudens $20!
              Now tell me about your coin show experiences in the comments! Good luck collecting!!



Level 4

Any coin show is a nice way to meet new folks.

That is a good size show, I will be going to a 200 table show in Texas this weekend. That is about the biggest show I have been to except for the National Money show. I was at that show quite a few years ago and there was a booth that would let you design and engrave coin while you waited. That was super cool.


Level 5

A show with 50 tables is a good coin show to shop for coins. At a show that size you can ask one dealer about a coin you are looking for and if he doesn't have it, he can point you to a dealer who probably has it. That is not as common or even possible and the big show.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a great show congrats go to many more in the future


Level 6

Sounds like a good show. I feel 30 tables or more is a nice show. The main thing at a show, is does it have something you are looking for.


Level 6

For me, 50 tables is good. It's difficult for me to walk very far. I like that kangaroo coin too. Good buy. Sounds like you had fun and saw some nice coins. Perfect day!!


Level 5

We have a monthly show in my town that has about 50 tables. It is a nice size and will prepare you for a bigger show.


Level 7

That sounds like a good time. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Fifty tables is so so but who cares as long as there are coins and contest and you enjoy yourself. I hoped you picked up a coin or two. But as long as you had a show to go to good for you.


Level 6

Sounds like a good show, fun, lots to see. I would say 50 tables is small, but I'm used to WFM and the FUN show.

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