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26 Mar 2016

Disneyland coins

| Coinfox441

A few weeks ago, me and my family went to Disneyland. Around the park were hidden pressed penny machines. I got a total of fifteen pennies. The trip was really fun!              (PS I should get photos on here soon)



Level 5

Just be sure to use pre-1982 cents that are 95% copper. Many of the new Zinc cents tend to make weak or bad impressions and are highly subject to corrosion.


Level 7

I remember getting one or two in Coney Island N.Y. Brooklyn. They were pretty nice but that had to be twenty years ago. I bet you I still have them. Now I have to look. Thanks for the blog always collect what you like!Mike.


Level 5

Come out to the ANA headquarters here in Colorado Springs - you can make an elongated coin in the lobby of the Money Museum. And then, later, you can go up 14K feet above sea level to Pikes Peak, where they have another 'penny squishing' machine (and canned air, so you can survive the altitude!)


Level 2

They are all over the place. I have about 4 books full from Disneyworld and the other parks. I also have them from just about anyplace you visit. If you are traveling on the highway, as you enter states and they have visiting centers, they have them there too. State specific. Just keep some shinny pennies and a few quarters. There are also quarter crushers and dime crushers.


Level 6

People do collect elongated coins! They can get really interesting when pressed out. Glad you had a great trip!


Level 5

Awesome fun! What a cool way to remember your adventure to the park!


Level 4

Awsome!!! I never thought of collecting the elongated cents but to tell you the truth, they are definitely cool.


Level 6

You need to check out the pressed coin sites! You are not alone on enjoying them. Thanks!

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