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03 Jul 2017

My Birthday from the ANA

| Coinfox441

Hello fellow numismatists!

    About an hour ago I had a package delivered to my house! It was my birthday present from the ANA. This year, I got 20 Yn dollars and a 1958 D MS-60 MGG certified ( MGG= Me Guessing grades) wheat cent. If any of you numismatists were a YN or still are, let me know what YOUR favorite birthday present was! Thanks!


Can't wait until my birthday comes. just one month away.


Level 4

Happy Birthday!


Level 7

Happy birthday. I know I'm late but the best. I never received any coins on that day. When you get to my age you don't even want cake anymore just a card. Take care and many more. Mike


Level 5

Happy Birthday!! I got silver dollars from my grandparents on my birthdays. But that was many many years ago.


Level 6

How cool! Birthday gifts from the ANA ! Hope you have a great Birthday! : )


Level 6

Enjoy your birthday. It is nice that the ANA sent you a package.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, i am a YN didn't receive anything this past birthday at least i don't remember if i did. i will see this year what happens .


Level 4

Whaaaa?! Young Numismatists get birthday gifts?! :O How cool! Congrats on the swag!


Level 6

Wow!! Y.N's get gifts? Cool!

Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday present from the ANA was 20 YN dollars and a 1968-S Lincoln Cent in Mint State condition.

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