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26 Mar 2016

State quarter series

| Coinfox441

Recently, I finished my 1st series state quarter collection! I got all fifty of them by just digging through change!! I have had the folder since I was about two years old. And I finally found all fifty!



Level 5

Great accomplishment.

Congratulations on your set. Is it a mix of Philadelphia and Denver? Or just one mint mark? Either way it is a great achievement. I am currently working on my America The Beautiful Series set. I am almost done with the ones currently Thank you for sharing your magnificent achievement and happy collecting!


Level 5

Great accomplishment! It must've been fun!


Level 6

Congratulations! I bet it feels great to have completed the set! I agree with Longstrider... take the book out from time to time and admire what you've accomplished! :)


Level 5

Congratulations! The thrill of such an accomplishment will last a long time!


Level 4

congrats! I have just realized that I really want t o collect any coin that has to do with US National Parks. Finally I have narrowed down my true love. Congrats on the collection. I will continue my pursuit of Washington Quarters. I think they are the best and Washington was the best president that we ever had.


Level 6

Mike is right. Don't forget to pull them out in the future and look at them. Too many people finish a set and never look at it again. I'm sure you have some nice stories to tell on some of those coins. Remember the hard work you did! Keep it up and well done!


Level 5

Good job. It is always satisfying to complete a set.


Level 7

Well congratulations to you. I just received this year's America The Beautiful quarters. Graded by NGC and I'll look at them for a while them put them with the rest of the set. Remember collect what you like and what you can afford. I like the silver quarter sets. Take care and keep collecting Mike. Your off to a good start.


Level 4

thank you, Mike

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