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08 Nov 2014

Mardi Gras Doubloons Depicting the Statue of Liberty

Exonumia | Liberty collector


Shown Slightly Enlarged

Obverse: The undisputed King of Carnival with his crown. In a ribbon around his head: NEW // ORLEANS. Above and below read: Ì REX Ì KING OF CARNIVAL Ì // PRO BONO PUBLICO. H.A.S. on his left shoulder.

Reverse: The heads of Cleopatra, an unidentified woman and the Statue of Liberty. The legend reads: TO THE LADIES // 1967 // BLESS THEM ALL.

LMD-53 38mm (1 ½ inches))


LMD-53a Sterling Silver 999 fine………………

LMD-53b Antique Bronze/Silver…..……..…….

LMD-53c Dual Colored Silver/Black aluminum

LMD-53d Colored Aluminum 15 gauge……….

LMD-53e Plain Aluminum 15 ga (very rare)….

LMD-53f Colored Aluminum 10 gauge

LMD-53g Plain Aluminum 10 or 12 gauge

LMD-53h Colored/Plain Aluminum High Relief

LMD-53j Copper (Reported only 6 known)…




Level 6

Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

Dollar Guy

Level 5

As a native new Orleanian, I think we are called, I have a few of those 1960's doubloons and they have resided in my collection since I caught them as throws in the parades of that era. More nostalgic than anything else, they will stay in my collection until my children dispose of them fir $ reasons.


Level 5


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