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17 Jan 2023

Am I Cursed? I Purchased an Old Illuminati Coin!

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As a coin dealer it's important to buy coins when the opportunity arises.
Sometimes that opportunity surfaces at a coin show (such as the case of this video). Often, people come to coin shows with 1 of 2 objectives in mind. 1: to look at and potentially buy coins to add to their collection or 2. to sell coins they have. This video features scenario 2.
Someone came to my table to sell coins in a collection they I think inherited. They wanted to sell everything together instead of piecemeal. I made an offer and purchased the entire lot.
This video shows what I purchased and to my surprise it contained a Masonic Token or Medal from 1908 (celebrating 100 years). The token looks like it's an Old Illuminati token. Very cool and very mysterious
Check out the YouTube video to see more (https://youtu.be/Ye1slPWF5ds)


Long Beard

Level 5

I agree 100%. I bought an 1890 Scotch-Irish Society of American token, NGC MS67 (viewable on my collection page), for a little over a hundred. I had not seen one before, much less in such a high grade, and have yet to see another. Including from NGC's site. Also, a year of research on the history or other possible dates has thus far proven fruitless. All of these things combined makes this piece that much more intriguing and mysterious justifying the purchase.


Level 5

Time to call Tom Hanks :)


Level 6

Why do you think your cursed? haha Cool token...one of many Masonic symbols. ; )

I don't ... just "worried" I was... Illuminati are always watching (j/k)


Level 6

Cool token. I don't get the title of this blog. Thanks.

My YouTube brand is "The Collector Of Coins" so the name of the blog is effective "my blog" :). Are you seeing something other than this or are you referring to the title of this specific blog entry? "Am I Cursed? I Purchased an Old Illuminati Coin!" If the later the image on the token is commonly used when people refer to the Illuminati

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