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06 Feb 2023

REAL or FAKE?! How to Tell if a Coin is Counterfeit

Coins | theCollectorOfCoins

If you have ever been to a coin show, you will see many coin dealers setup with a table. I am one of those dealers. Did you know that coin dealers also buy coins at coins shows? I do not have my own Local Coin Store so I have purchase coins from people when they visit my table. This video is about such an occurrence where unfortunately I was a bit busy at the time and did not listen to my own advice about properly evaluating coins before I purchase so I may have purchased a Counterfeit Morgan Dollar. Even dealer's can make mistakes when we're not careful. I personally need more training on this however hoping what I do know can help you. I strongly recommend taking ANA classes to gain skills needed for counterfeit detection. This YouTube video is intended to help all collectors (and dealers) on the things to look for when examining potential counterfeit coins. Click here to watch the video

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