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12 Dec 2022

King Charles Won’t Be On Canadian Cents…

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Have you ever found an error coin or a rare variety? Imagine finding one worth $400K. the 1936 Canadian Cent has one such variety. There are only 5 known with a dot (a single dot) under the date. Imagine the chaos that could ensue if the succession plan of British Monarchs was unknown or suddenly derailed. With the passing of Queen Elizabeth, her successor (King Charles) as well as his successor (Prince William) has been known for quite a long time. Well in 1936, that succession plan had a wrench thrown at it. Check out the full video at this link: https://youtu.be/iTSldoQfDaw



Level 5

Found lots of minor error coins, but nothing worth much.


Level 7

I always check. My older coins. I have enough to keep me busy.


Level 4

Nice blog, went through mine as well, but no 1936 with the dot and I also liked the video

Thanks for watching


Level 6

Interesting... Thanks for the insight. I'll check out the video too. ; )


Level 5

Found a quarter struck on a nickel planket. Have a few 1936 Canadian cents, but no dot. Will check out video. Watched video. Love Canadian cents and Canada coins. I have 4 complete 1920 to 1970's Canadian cent albums.


Level 6

Mine are "dotless" too... ; )


Level 6

I found one error worth sending in to ANACS. I forget what year Lincoln cent. No engravers initials. Fun.

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