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19 Jan 2023

My Best Coin Roll Hunting Finds of 2022

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2022 was both a great and lucky year for me with my coin roll hunting finds. I hope you enjoy this video highlighting the best of those finds! I hope coin roll hunting in 2023 continues to be as lucky if not better.
The best of is featured in this video I posted to my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/cR31usCtlXA
I hope you will consider checking it out. Leave a comment on what was your best find in circulation in 2022



Level 4

A 2019W SAM Quarter


Level 5

Nice finds. That 1922 D cent was nice.


Level 6

Great year! Good luck in 2023! ; )


Level 5

Always love treasure roll hunting.


Level 7

I was rolling cents from the teens and the 1920's picked up two a 1918 MS and A 1929 MS. You can count the wheat ears! Been collecting 30 years and it still relaxes me. I enjoy it.


Level 4

Forever jealous, Mike.


Level 6

Looks like it was a good year. Nice you tube production

Thanks so much! Greatly appreciated

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