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17 Jan 2023

Am I Cursed? I Purchased an Old Illuminati Coin!

Tokens | theCollectorOfCoins

As a coin dealer it's important to buy coins when the opportunity arises. Sometimes that opportunity surfaces at a coin show (such as the case of this video). Often, people come to coin shows with 1 of 2 objectives in mind. 1: to look at and potentially buy coins to add to their collection or 2. to sell coins they have. This video features scenario 2. Someone came to my table to sell coins in a collection they I think inherited. They wanted to sell everything together instead of piecemeal. I made an offer and purchased the entire lot. This video shows what I purchased and to my surprise it contained a Masonic Token or Medal from 1908 (celebrating 100 years). The token looks like it's an Old Illuminati token. Very cool and very mysteriousCheck out the YouTube video to see more (https://youtu.be/Ye1slPWF5ds)

19 Dec 2022

We Found a Diamond in a Herd of Buffalos! Coin Hunting for Variety Nickels

Coins | theCollectorOfCoins

A dealer friend of mine & I went to a coin show and met with a bunch of other coin dealers to find and buy Buffalo Nickel's in Bulk. My friend is working on a special coin show event featuring the Buffalo Nickel and he is assembling rolls of Buffalo Nickels so someone can win scarce or rare variety Buffalo Nickels (like the 1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo). Well in buying thousands of Nickels, you know we just had to review and grade every single one of them. We also looked for Varieties and Key Date Buffalo Nickels.CHECK OUT THE FULL VIDEO BY VISITING THIS YOUTUBE LINK: https://youtu.be/XGHGuMoVC0c

12 Dec 2022

King Charles Won’t Be On Canadian Cents…

Coins | theCollectorOfCoins

Have you ever found an error coin or a rare variety? Imagine finding one worth $400K. the 1936 Canadian Cent has one such variety. There are only 5 known with a dot (a single dot) under the date. Imagine the chaos that could ensue if the succession plan of British Monarchs was unknown or suddenly derailed. With the passing of Queen Elizabeth, her successor (King Charles) as well as his successor (Prince William) has been known for quite a long time. Well in 1936, that succession plan had a wrench thrown at it. Check out the full video at this link: https://youtu.be/iTSldoQfDaw

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