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19 Dec 2022

We Found a Diamond in a Herd of Buffalos! Coin Hunting for Variety Nickels

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A dealer friend of mine & I went to a coin show and met with a bunch of other coin dealers to find and buy Buffalo Nickel's in Bulk. My friend is working on a special coin show event featuring the Buffalo Nickel and he is assembling rolls of Buffalo Nickels so someone can win scarce or rare variety Buffalo Nickels (like the 1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo). Well in buying thousands of Nickels, you know we just had to review and grade every single one of them. We also looked for Varieties and Key Date Buffalo Nickels.



Long Beard

Level 5

With the over abundance of nickles (and Lincolns) available in such large quantities for purchase the odds of finding a nicer key date are surprising in your favor. Think about it. How many of these which you see at any given time would the dealer/seller have found the time to search through them? The greater the bulk number/weight the more this would hold true since time is money becomes counter productive to the bigger sellers.

That's true... which as a coin roll hunter and dealer, makes them fun to go through


Level 5

No fun like treasure hunting.

It's the best

AC coin$

Level 6

It seems both a great coin hunt plus all sirts of luck. Nice blog.

Thanks a lot. I hope you enjoyed the video


Level 6

Sounds like quite the undertaking! ; )

It was overwhelming but lots of fun

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