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19 Apr 2021

Another YN Auction

| TheNumisMaster

Morning Folks! Another YN auction concluded a 4 days ago (sorry for being so late). This month's lots included: LOT#1:2007-S Montana Statehood quarter (Clad); NGC Proof-70 Ultra Cameo, LOT#2:1985-Mo Mexico 25 pesos; Soccer World Cup (1986), and LOT#3:1972-S Eisenhower silver dollar; Choice Uncirculated, in original "Blue Pack" Mint envelope. I was lucky enough to DRAMATICALLY overspend on lots 1 and 3, and won them both. Congrats to the lucky YN who won lot 2, and good luck in the future to all those other YNs who participated! Also, a very big thanks to all the donators!


AC coin$

Level 5

Where I live events like this should be happening but they are not . Cooperation is paramount.


Level 5

Sounds like a great pick up! Good luck to ALL YN's out there on the next auction!


Level 4

Great job on some nice coins.


Level 5

Very nice. Like a good auction. Thanks for updating us.


Level 6

Being part of a YN auction is rewarding for the YB's and the adults that help out


Level 6

Hey its not real money so by all means dramatically overspend. (:

Mr. B Coins

Level 4

Nice Coins. Congratulations. Mr B


Level 6

Congratulations on your winning bids! Enjoy! ; )


Level 6

You're welcome.


Level 6

Ditto... Your welcome! ; )


Level 7

Congratulations to the winners!!

Very cool.

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