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07 Jan 2021

Thanks to @BigNubNumismatics

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Hello folks, and happy afternoon! I recently made a trade with a fellow YN, BigNubNumismatics! Due to covid and money issues, this year has been really hard for my numismatic growth. I haven't acquired any new pieces really at all this year, and decided to trade among some fellow YNs to change that. We arrived at a fair deal, and would love to share with you all what I received. First off, I got a Canadian cent with a chipped planchet. I have always been fascinated by errors, and need one of these for my collection. Among those errors I was missing was an partially unplated coin. I received a partially unplated penny, along with an off-center penny. I have a planchet/blank for every common US coin besides the penny, and BigNub provided one of these for me as well. He, as well as some of you, knew that I love to collect proof coinage, and cut me an AMAZING deal on nearly $24 face value of proofs. On top of that, $6 in SMS (Special Mint Sets) and souvenir sets. As the icing on top of the cake, he included 2 coins for my NGC registry. I received a 1948 D Franklin Half MS-63 FBL graded by NGC, and a 1957 D Franklin Half MS-64 FBL graded by PCGS. To wrap it all up, he gave me a silver nickel, as well as a G-4 Buffalo Nickel as a gift. I especially appreciated a 1974-S Ike proof he included. It was made of 40% silver, and 60% copper. I needed one of these silver Ikes for my type set. Once again, thanks to my fellow YN, BigNubNumismatics! Thank you all! Have a wonderful start to this new year. Until next time, cheers, NM




Level 2

Nice trade


Level 5

This does sound like a good deal for you guys! Thanks for posting!


Level 3

ya i like trading to it is a good way to get new coins


Level 5

Trading and dealing done right can be really rewarding. Its hard to deal and trade with dealers, but with collectors its easier. Good work.


Level 6

Sounds like a great deal for the both of you! Good job!

Great trade those must be nice coins. Where do you work to pay for coins? Congrats to both of you.


Level 5

I am currently unemployed so I can focus on school. I plan on working next summer. Currently, everything I do is via trade, and if I need money, ill sell some of my coins.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Wow! What a great guy! Congrats to you both,! He helped you and did well for himself, win win!

Glad you liked everything!

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