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04 Jun 2017

Another Finland Coin

Coins-World | TimB

Another beautiful Finland coin from the 1970s.



Level 2

This coin does not commemorate the Olympics, but the Winter Games in Lahti, Finland. One of my favorite all time designs.


Level 6

Beautiful coin! It does look like an Olympic coin. Thanks for a good blog and photo!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is beautiful


Level 4

It is a nice looking coin. The reverse looks like they skied across a mountain range and on out of sight off the edge of the coin.


Level 6

Very nice coin. Is it Olympic?? Now I have to post an Olympic I have. Thanks!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Cool design. Definitely what I think of when I think of Finland, too. Skiing. Them, not me.


Level 5

This reminds me of some of the Austrian coins that I have.


Level 5

Is this an Olympics Coin??


Level 6

Interesting coin.


Level 6

Good looking coin. Coins of Finland are nice. I recall a commem from years ago with a flock of ospreys. Well designed coin, silver too.


Level 7

What a nice coin . I have found coins I bought and forgot them . I would love to find this one. Nice take care of it. Mike

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