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13 Jun 2015

Unexpected Benefit Collecting Exonumia and Coins

Exonumia | user_1037

We all talk about what we learn from collecting Exonumia or Coins. We talk about the history we learn and the thrill of the hunt for that one special piece for your collection. However we rarely talk about the one aspect of collecting that we seem to take for granted. That is the people we have met since we started collecting, people that have been teachers to us and people that end up being great friends. So the next time somebody asks you what is so special about collecting Exonumia and Coins, don't forget to mention the people that helped you start and the people you have met at coin shops, coin shows and online that have become close friends. It's one of the most overlooked benefits of coin collecting. The people are what makes coin collecting such a great hobby.



Level 7

I will tell you two. One the tokens I collect condo token are beautiful. Two they have great value.


Level 5

I never thought about that


Level 5

Bulls eye!


Level 5

Family and friends!!!


Level 6

Great blog...Numi people are the best!

Ian Fenn

Level 5

To use an 80s concept...networking! Meeting people and talking about our collecting interests is very important. Through net working I have found some of the key coins in my collection. Being a solitary collector can be done but it isn't, IMHO, as much fun

Steven Roach

Level 4

You hit the point exactly! There are plenty of people who have helped me with this hobby (possibly a profession someday), to those people I thank dearly! Its important when you aren't a "beginner" within this field anymore that you share the passion to those who are...


Level 5

Good point my friend.

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