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13 Mar 2016

ocassional silver bars

Exonumia | user_1139

I have recently become interested in collecting one ounce silver bars of almost any theme and would like to find out more about them.

Does anyone wish to share information about the history of occasional silver bars?

Thank you




Level 6

They are everywhere. Do a search and you will find them. Stick to companies like Provident Metals and Silvertowne, as counterfeit bares are everywhere! Do your research or you might be sorry. Coin World!!


Level 7

There one ounce bars. They are not legal tender like one ounce silver coins. They come in all sorts of designs. Go to the coin vaut.com. They have tons of silver bars. Religious themes all sorts. They change all the time. They also come in 2oz 5 oz 10 oz. So you have your pick. Lot's of luck Mike.


Level 5

Are you talking about Holiday themes (Christmas, Easter, Valentines, St Pats, etc), Corporate themes (Coca-cola, John Deere, etc)?


Level 2

Yes, all types of bars, when were they first issued and did they first become prominent, basically the history behind them, david

Lincoln Lover

Level 3

good luck collecting!

Lincoln Lover

Level 3

also, you can change your name if you want to

Lincoln Lover

Level 3

You can buy silver from a local bank (usually)

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