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15 Feb 2022

Coin Thoughts #121 by "SUN"

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Lately, I have been thinking of many things related to the hobby , so this blog is hodge-podge of thoughts.

I believe the mint has too many products. In the "old days" there were just poof sets an mint sets. Have you every thought how many different dollar coins for circulation and proof were made in 2021. There are many different "Golden" dollars from the various mints, Commemorative Dollars, American Silver Eagle Dollars, plus the "new" Morgan and Peace Dollars. There are over 25 possibilities to complete a collection of 2021 dated dollars.

I am not trying to be "political correct." but to me, most "Female theme" commemorative coin programs do not sell as well as other commemorative coin programs. Plus most commemorative coins programs today do not do a very good job of selling.

I been collecting over 60 years and still enjoy reading about coins. On this blog site, I like personal stories how a person started in the hobby. I like new and thoughtful blogs. Some blogs seem kind of stale to me, like writing about everyday coins, these coins were written about in numismatic publications not too long ago. Another turnoff is personal stabs at writers,. Like President Ulysses S. Grant motto was "Let Us Have Peace." Be thoughtful on what you write, and enjoy the site and hobby.



Level 4

Nice blog. As stated above, changes are coming in 2026.


Level 4

Wait until 2026, all circulating coins are suppose to have a “change” due to the 250th birthday of the country. I’m sure there will be plenty more “products” from the mint that year. Either way, I enjoy the new quarters, especially with the change to Washington. Reminds me of the Jefferson change over in 2006 for nickels.


Level 5

Too many products at too high of prices!!! Did the mint give enormous raises starting in 2020 for worse quality?

Long Beard

Level 5

A very well written blog. An absolute pleasure to read. I've been collecting for forty-seven years, and most of those were with similar thoughts on modern coinage. Stale and lifeless. I have advocated for a complete change away from sitting Presidents, but- repeating what you've said, not being political- but this is what would almost certainly occur if it were to become a reality in today's society. One only needs to look at the Liberty bullion designs. We can still dream, though. And collect older coins!


Level 6

Great blog "Sun"! Enjoyed your thoughts especially about the blogs...I agree... Beautiful 2 Cent piece! ; )


Level 5

I do agree, the mint has too many coins now. They are trying everything to make money. Good blog!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Can't agree more with you. I need an 1872 Two cent coin! Can't seem to run across one....


Level 6

A nice 1872 is hard to come by. I was lucky enough to obtain an EF45 years ago.


Level 6

Great "thoughtful" blog Steve. I love your two cents! Thanks.

AC coin$

Level 6

Great coin item, maybe from your expanded collection.? 2 cent, the historically well known , great blog .


Level 5

Personal stories and how people got started are great. Interesting and unusual are nice. I've seen things here I probably never would have found myself. Like the members posting their searches and roll hunting.


Level 4

That is a beautiful red-brown 2 cent piece. Tell us more about it. As for the comment about the agressive stance against abusing the blog space, asking for peace is not going to happen because it results in more abuse. That is the historically accurate fact. We wish it was different, but it isn't. Having to live with 10+ cut and paste "blogs"a week with copyright violations is not going to be the way forward. The regulars here have prety much decided that it needs to be addressed directly. We have lost way too many members because of it. Peace will come when the abuse of the bblog space ends.


Level 7

A great blog. You always come in with a good one. I appreciate it. That is a beauty!! Thanks my friend.

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