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27 Jul 2022

Coin Thoughts #124 by "SUN"

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Most collectors remember when they get that special coin. This is a story of a couple of such events.

As I mentioned in my last blog, my collection is mostly pennies, nickels, and dimes. ( Yes, I know they are cents and five-cent pieces, but I still call them pennies and nickels.)

About 25 years ago, I received my first gold coin, a 1897 five-dollar gold piece. When I lived in Omaha, NE, there were about a half dozen coin clubs within an hour driving distance from my home. These clubs would sponsor annual coin shows. Some clubs would hold raffles to support the club. Prizes would include silver dollars, commemorative coins, proof sets, and for the grand prize, a gold coin.

The Fremont (NE) Coin Club annual show usually had ten prizes in the raffle. Second, place wan a $2 1/2 gold piece and a $5 gold piece for grand prize. I was the lucky person to win the grand prize, the $5 gold piece.

About a month later, I attended the Lincoln (NE) Coin Club annual show. The club raffle had three prizes with a $20 gold piece as the grand prize. You guess it. I walked away with the grand prize, a 1904 $20 gold piece.



Level 4

Yeah, I remember a lot of firsts. Many of them were pennies & nickels. Never have had that kind of luck though. Congrats!

Long Beard

Level 5

I bought my first, a 1890 Ten Dollar back in the early 1990's for the low price of $160 at a PAN show. I need to submit it to NGC, which it should come back as an AU. Great blog!

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Woooo ! Beutiful coin .


Level 4

Nice! I won a 1992 mint set at a coin club raffle last year. I sold it for $4 a few weeks ago.


Level 6

That's amazing! You must have that Midas touch! Might be time to buy a Mega-Millions lotto ticket. haha ; )


Level 6

Well done. Amazing luck. All that clean living.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I love stories like these! While my serendipitous finds of the last two weeks pale in comparison to your story, I got a 1964 D nickel two weeks ago in change and last week I got a 1963 D. Here's hoping for a 1962 or 1965 D this week!


Level 4

You really can’t beat winning a raffle and walking away with gold coins. You are supporting a club and in return they support your hobby, it’s a win-win. What way to add some gold to your collections. Nice pieces Sun.


Level 7

Nice first coins. Anyone would !I've to start with those.My first buy as a coin called Antitum. It was a MS 65. I bought it because I was there. I saw the reverse and saw the Burnside Bridge I stood next to. Back then it was cheap compared to today. I was lucky. Thanks for the blog i always enjoy your blogs!

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