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30 Oct 2022

Coin Thoughts #125 by "SUN"

Coins | "SUN"


This is another blog on a coin collecting event.

The visually handicap operated the vending machines in the office building were I worked. Merlin a very likeable young man ran the machines. Merlin, had lost his eye site to diabetes when he was in college. He could describe a Budweiser beer can to a "T".

One day I told Merlin I won some gold coins. (See Coin Thoughts #124) He told me that he once collected coins. He said he would like to have a gold coin. Well, after some discussion, I decided to sell my $20 gold piece to him. That year, I had two kids in college, and sure could use some extra cash. My wife and I put the two kids through college with out taking out loans.

One day, Merlin told me he would like a 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent in his collection. He told me what grade and price range he wanted. So, I contacted a dealer I knew. After a few weeks,, the dealer called me and said that he had located a 1909-S VDB. There was a coin show coming soon, so Merlin and his wife met me at the coin show. His wife described the coin to him, he said he wanted it. That day Merlin had a big smile on his face for a coin he could not see.

Remember, there are stories behind coins.

Note: Photo is not the actual coin.. The photo was used to draw your attention.


This changes my aspect of coin collecting entirely. You are a very good man SUN.


Level 4

What a nice story!

Long Beard

Level 5

Wow! What a blog topic. This confirms that one does not need to physically see a coin to fully enjoy and appreciate them. Thanks for sharing this one, it puts a new perspective on coin collecting.

Nice story.


Level 7

To bad some didn't read it. Its a wonderful story. The kind of story that inspires you. There loss. Then you have speed.readers. Don't have A clue.! I will remember this one Sun thanks again Mike.


Level 3

Incredible and inspiring story, @SUN. Thank you for sharing!


Level 4

Great story, and good job! You’ve definitely got what it takes. And the coin DID grab my attention.


Level 6

What a wonderful story SUN! You made my day! Thanks for a heartfelt blog. ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

You're a good Man SUN. This hobby is most wonderful for the connections we make.


Level 6

Very cool. This makes me feel good. Good man SUN! Thanks.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Excellent coin. The quality of your picture is fascinating. Great acquisition.

It's Mokie

Level 6

It's simply amazing how someone can completely miss the point of a blog. You Sir, are that someone.


Level 5

Nice story. Hearing about the stories of coins and how coins are collected are always great to hear about.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Great and truly wonderful story~ thanks for sharing it with us.


Level 7

After more than 50 active years in the ANA I can see the true friend of a collector. What you did is absolutely wonderful. He must of been a great guy. They say blind people see more than we ever can. And with friends like you . This was a very moving blog. I enjoyed it. You made him a very happy man!!


Level 4

This! There is definitely a story behind each coin. And for most, coins, or a person’s collection, hold much more value than than what the coins are actually worth. Bravo to you Sun for connecting this person with coins that meant so much more to him than just a dollar value.

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