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18 Aug 2018

Coin Thoughts #55 by "SUN"

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When I first bought Proof and Mints Set from the mint in the early 1960's you usually had a long wait.  You would send your $2.10 to the mint for a proof set and it took several weeks or months before your order was filled.  It would be the same for the mint sets, send your $2.40 and wait.  At least today, the mint usually  fills your order in a couple of weeks.  In those years products were very limited,  the mint just promoted proof sets and mint sets, and the sets came in a plain envelope.  Just think, you received twice the amount coins in mint sets than proof sets for just 30¢ more. 

Today, there are several different coins, medals, and sets and various packaging the U.S. Mint offers. One thing is still the same, Denver mint sets coins come with red trim on the packaging, and the Philadelphia mint set coins come with blue trim.  Did your ever notice that before?

Hope you enjoyed this trivia!



Level 5

Wow were they cheap......

I had a 25 dollar 1962 proof set slip out of my hands and got a certified Proof-69 2006 silver eagle for $45.

What great memories your blog brings back. Somewhere I have stashed away a number of Mint Sets from the 60's, both US and Canadian. I think one of the reasons it took so long to get proof sets was that there were only struck when there were enough orders to justify the run. They didn't want to end the year with too many on hand that would not sell.


Level 5

I still like those early sets. It wouldn't bother me if the mint went back to that packaging.


Level 5

I have always thought that those old sets were cool and yes some things change like order delivery waits and packaging while other things do not like colors.


Level 6

I like the pliofilm packs. No doubt the holders are a big part of the cost. And back in the day, there were silver coins in circulation.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I like these sets better than the new ones. I don’t have any yet but would like to get one.

To me, these were the golden age of proof sets. I don't care for the bulky garish hard plastic holders of the 1970's and early 80's.

Very lucky, and that price too. Even with inflation that is a steal.


Level 7

Yes I have. And I m a fan of these sets. Try and find them today. Your lucky to have them. Now there sold in groups of years. Amazing the way time and packaging changes but the colors haven't. Thanks brought back the memories of when you could still find them by years only. They still have them but not for that price. Thanks again.

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