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15 Sep 2018

Coin Thoughts #57 by "SUN"

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July 4th celebrates the Declaration of Independence, September 17th is Constitution Day. On September 17, 1787  the United States Constitution was ratified. The Constitution is one of the world's greatest documents. 

In 1987 the U.S. Mint struck a commemorative silver dollar celebrating the 200 Anniversary of this great event.  This commemorative coin is a great way to bring history alive for the new, young  or seasoned collector. For around $25 a collector can own a coin that truly marks a great event in this country's history



Level 4

Not much to add. I remember some wags at the time if issuance calling it the “bowling pin” dollar based on the reverse design... no respect.

In 1987 an attempts was made to duplicate the 1976 Independence Bicentennial as well as the 1986 Statue of Liberty centennial. Sadly, the 1987 Constitution observance didn't compare to the other celebrations. I like to think if the mint approved a circulating commemorative (like 1976) it would have been a bigger deal. Unlike July 4th, Constitution day was also not a legal holiday.


Level 6

Circulating commemoratives would be nice.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I never even realized this coin existed, but it looks like a great one to own. I like the classic commemoratives more, though.


Level 6

A beautiful coin for the Greatest Document. Thanks!


Level 6

Nice coin, modern commem. Thanks for reminding us.


Level 6

Thanks "SUN". I didn't know about this coin. Great blog...Great Nation!


Level 7

It's a great coin and tells some story a birth of a Nation. It's simple but tells so much. I apologize for forgetting thanks for reminding me. Great commen. Great design. Thanks. Mike.

It is a beautiful coin. An the constitution definitely deserves at least a coin.

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