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16 Apr 2019

Coin Thoughts #71 by "SUN"

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The Franklin Half Dollars series is a relatively short series with 35 coins to complete the series. If you have the patience, I have a 35 month plan for you. Here is how a person can complete the collection in MS63 condition at $30 a month. I will use the prices in the "Redbook" to illustrate the plan. I added all the MS63 values and the total came to $1049. Divide $1049 by 35 coins and you get roughly $30 per coin.

There are eleven coins priced at $18 per coin in MS63. (1958-D - 1963-D). Purchase one of these coins each month for this price and save the remaining $12 for a future purchase. After 7 months you will have $84 saved. In the 8th month, take your $30 budget and $65 out of the money saved and purchase a 1949-S. You will have a "key coin" in your first year. At this point, you have 4 more $18 coins to purchase adding another $48 to add to your reserve. Now you have $67. Now the next month's $30 and savings you have enough to purchase the next highest price coin for $75, the 1949-D.

Keep this process going, buy the least expensive coin and pocket the different from the $30, until you can purchase another higher price coin . In 35 months, or what every time period you choose, you will have a complete set of MS63 Franklin Halves. If this is a too long of time, try $60 a month.

There are many ways to build a collection, this is just one way that came to mind. Also, remember, prices can vary.



Level 5

Making a plan is the easy part (thanks for your example), but sticking to the plan that is the hard part.

This seems like an excellent way to complete the series, buying each coin can add up quickly, only 35 months, but you could certainly find cheaper examples of the same grade found at shows and shops, and you could increase your monthly budget. Thanks!

Well thought out plan....maybe once I finish with LWH series...


Level 6

That is a very well put together plan. I to am too impulsive but that is me. I do set aside money every week for whatever coin I see to buy. Thanks for showing how it can and should be done..

Franklin's never really got the respect they deserved. Nobody really liked them after coming off the beautiful Walking Liberty design, and then they were rushed off due to the Kennedy coin. Over time though they have built up a following. I've always found they were a perfect reflection of the 1950's. What I really like about the coin is it is not cluttered. I also prefer mint state to proof's.


Level 6

Great plan, you really thought this out! Pretty cool!


Level 7

There are many ways to do this set. You did your homework. I bought them years ago went for the proofs first then some of the others. I wish you the best. Knowing you it will be done sooner. Lots of luck.

It's Mokie

Level 6

A great suggestion, but personally, I lack the patience to even make it through the first six months. I would take that 35 month plan and turn it into 9 months and probably compromise along they way. I am a very impatient collector and that is not a good thing. LOL


Level 4

Yikes, guys! Impatience is the natural enemy of sound collecting.


Level 4

I too am an impatient collector. It is bad enough that I like to read all I can about a coin before I buy, but once I am ready to buy, I want the whole series as quickly as possible.


Level 6

I am the same way

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