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23 Jul 2022

Siren’s Call

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As you may, or may not, know, I am on a journey to re-enter the world of numismatics. My pretext for this is to introduce my grandson to collecting coins. But let's face it, that's not an essential piece. I sold my not considerable collection in the late 70s and early 80s. In part to fund a wedding and to help satisfy the need's of a growing family. In reality, I never really left our hobby. I was addicted to coins and there was no going "cold turkey." I simply went underground. After selling most of my pieces I continued to dabble by purchasing uncirculated and proof sets or the occasional commemorative.
To me coins truly are sirens. I am mesmerized by their beauty. Entranced by the frosty glow of a seemingly perfect proof. I cannot describe the excitement I felt when the mint first introduced us to the Silver Eagle. The rapture I felt when I received my gem Franklin Halves is indescribable. I truly love coins! My wife wouldn't understand. I don't know how I am going to break it to her.
As part of the process to come out as an active coin collector, and to lure my grandson into our cult, I have put together a 'Beginner Coin Collecting Kit.' I pulled together some press-in Lincoln Cent and Roosevelt Dime albums, a basic loupe, a 2022 Uncirculated Set and a bag of 400 Wheaties. I figured we could search them together while attempting to fill as many spaces in the albums as possible.
I bought two more bags just for me to search. I know, I know! They're just Wheaties, for crying out loud. But there was something about them. As I was looking through the bags to pick one for my grandson I could almost hear them calling out to me. Each of them promising to reveal their historical journey that brought them here. I just couldn't resist. I don't know, maybe I'm a coin whisperer. I also bought a set of the two-side albums. My goal is to fill the albums as much as possible from circulation. Once that is completed, I'll quit.
I promise.



Level 4

Great blog! I can definitely relate to most all of it, except my wife. What a wonderful woman. She’s not a collector, but understands my addiction, and is actually pretty supportive. For my recent birthday, she went as far as spending nearly $1000 for 5 coins to add to “our” collection. Good luck with the grandson, and happy hunting!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Glad you came back to join us!

AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks for your blog. Collecting and numismatics are fascinating experiences. I have been gathering coin samples and paper money for some time now, and still learning from their proceedings, history and my own stumbled upon errands. Best of luck.


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Level 4

Welcome back to being “active” in the hobby. I can relate to your use of the term “siren” as it relates to the coins calling to you. Seems to be constant thing once you’ve heard it. It’s a great idea to bring the kids in using folder/albums and searching for the coins to fill it. Best of luck to you and the family, and I hope you make some great memories with them.


Level 4

Great blog, don't have any grand kids yet (son is in the Army), but I would love that experience.


Level 6

Sounds like you have a plan! Great idea's with your grandson. He'll love it! What's not to love...Bags of Wheatie pennies...I'd love to look through them! haha ; )


Level 4

Sunday dinners at the grand parent's house concluded with rolls of cents, nickels, and quarters to search. Grand Dad was an avid collector from early 30's until death in the 80's. He was my introduction to Numismatics.

Long Beard

Level 5

Now that's the way to get one hooked. As most will attest, we began in similar fashion. Myself way back in 1974/75, still n possession of those albums and boards, I recently began revisiting the idea assembling new ones with higher grade specimens. Yet while they bring back similar feelings and memories these pale when gazing at those of my youth. So I truly relate. One day, many years from now, your grandson will do like wise.


Level 6

Yep, your hooked. No sense fighting it. I am lucky. My wife is also a collector. It is so much fun doing this hobby together. I bet you collecting stuff as a kid. Have fun. Great blog.


Level 7

Your lucky. I have been collecting 30 years I can't mention the word coin around my wife. I tried by showing her so beautiful coins. No dice. Welcome back to the hobby. You have a passion for coins most of us get and it leaves but always comes back. Enjoy the ANA. Mike.

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