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07 Jul 2022

Best All-Around Scale?

Collecting Tips | user_12827

As I continue re-inserting myself into numismatics, I have determined that a digital scale is an essential tool. I never had one when previously collecting in the 60s-80s, but it seems that the dramatic rise in counterfeit collectible coins as-well-as weight distinctions within variants of the same coin make this a necessary addition.I decided that the following are probably necessary features, at least for me:> Compact so that I can readily take it with me> Able to accurately measure to at least tenths of grams, but preferably hundredths.> Durable or at least not cheaply built> Able to use both ac and dc power supply> Able to accurately weigh the entire range of all US coin denominations issued.> affordableI have completed a search online looking to find a scale that satisfies most of these criteria. There are a number of scientific lab scales that provide most of these standards except they are generally not affordable and don’t readily comply with portability.The one scale that seems to come closest is the Weigh Gram pocket scale. It appears to check all the boxes except for dual power supply (only AAA batteries). Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with this scale? Any other recommendations regarding another?Thanks!!

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