27 Mar 2016

follow up on going ons


Well I have decided to stop collecting modern coins and focus more on the more classic issues of the us. as well as my other numismatic interests including older and modern tokens, medals, transportation tokens, casino gaming tokens. etc. also I will be ordering the 2017 mega red book 2nd. edition which I found a great deal for from wizard coin supply for $27.48 plus shipping.



Level 5

Nice switch!


Level 7

Good for you I hope your new direction will open a new world to you. I have always said it's good to diversify. I have collected old coins for a long time I think you'll enjoy them. Also tokens that's another world of enjoyment. I say go for it. Look how much more your going to learn.mike


Level 6

Have fun with "new" collection! Modern coins can get crazy, it seems like their made for everything! I like the idea of the older classic issues.


Level 5

Good luck with the switch-over. Not an easy or in-expensive move. Best of luck!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

That looks like a great book!


Level 6

That's great! The one rule I follow is "Collect what you like"! If today it's classics, great. You will be getting a fantastic research tool in Mega Red! Also at great price!

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