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12 Jan 2023

Error Identifier

| Bullion Coll3cter

Hi again. Errors ore one of the most popular collected coins in the world. There are so many error coins, in all different types, places, and sets. It can be hard to identify an error coin, because there are so many. One very easy way to find errors is to know what a real coin looks like. If you become familiar with the real coin (ie: Lincoln penny, Indian penny, ect.) errors become naturally easy to spot. For example, if you know to color, size, and image really well, you can easy spot an unusual looking coin. ( This same principle works for counterfeits). Then you can use a Cherrypickers guide/ internet to see if it is actually a real error/counterfeit. Thanks for reading.

03 Jan 2023

The Great Bank Exchange

Collecting Tips | Bullion Coll3cter

HI everybody. I have been looking at pocket change recently, and I found a coin error. It is so cool to look trough pocket change, but I rarely find good stuff . I found that going the the bank and getting rolls of coins can gain better results. for example, my bank will give you uncirculated coins / silver coin for the same value as its denomination. It is very helpful to get to know your ban and what their willing to give out. 3 good methods are: half to the bank tellers about what you do and collect. Some are kind and will get older rolls for you out of the back. Ask to look through bills at the bank. Sometimes they will let you choose what you want and exchange it or charge it from your account. the last tip is to ask about coins that they might be junking/ getting rid of. Some banks will. give/ give you a better deal on these coins. If you have any other tips, please comment is the comment section below. Thanks for reading

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