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27 May 2022

A Silver Dime, a Major Cud, and More--Hunt Update #5

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Hunt Update #5

Hey fellow YNs and ANA members,
I have a few finds to share today, but first I would like to inform you that I won a lot in the YN Auction! This is my first win, and I have mailed out the required amount of YN $s to the ANA, so I am expecting the coin in about one week. I also have officially become a member of CONECA, and I have recieved my welcome packet with a membership card and a 1961-D over D RPM. I would like to shout out to the people at CONECA who allow free membership for ANA YNs.

But, I must get to my most recent finds. First and foremost, a 1964-D Roosevelt Dime! Now I did not expect to find ANYTHING in the five Dime rolls I got from my bank, so when I saw a Roosie that was a little dark on the reverse, I simply thought it was a regular Dime. Well, I picked it up (I could only see the reverse) and flipped it around, to my surprise the date was 1964. I then checked the reverse and discovered there was literally a D mintmark that I HADN'T seen when it was right in front of me. It was small, but I can't believe I didn't see it.

My next find is a major obverse cud error. With a piece of die (a large one at that) broken off along the top section from the O in 'GOD' to the T in 'TRUST', and then extending in a [rounded] triangle shape down to the top of Lincoln's Head. On the bottom part of the C in Cent on the reverse, you can expect that is very weak due to the fact that some of the metal was pulled up to fill the broken part of the die.

For any of you who don't know what a cud is, I can explain it. It is when a piece of the die (usually along a feature on the die, or the rim, on the obverse or reverse) breaks off, causing the die to have a hole in it (not to be confused with a die crack, where it is a small line that shows up on the coin.) When the die strikes a coin, it pulls up the metal to fill all the holes, so when a cud happens, the metal fills that area of the die. That makes it so the hot, malleable metal is pulled from the opposite side, causing weakness on that spot of the opposite side. So the side with the cud has some extra metal, while the other side has too little. This is not to be confused with simple wear, which causes the designs on a coin to wear down, not up like a cud. Nor is it to be confused with a strike-thru, which is when the die strikes the coin through 'mint goop', a mixture of grease, metal fillings, or other miscellaneous grime.

So, I have now found 0.1286 ounces of silver. 0.1 ounces of silver is not a lot, but it shows how profitable CRH is. I recommend this for any new collector, as there are many great things to find. But, you have to know what you should look for, so instead of some news, I'll make a list of good things to look for in three denominations. I will do three more next blog.


Now if you don't want to, you shouldn't, but I personally save EVERY pre-'82 cent, as the copper in them makes them worth about 1.9 cents to dealers, or $0.19 for ten, $1.90 for 100, $19 for 1000, and so on. You don't have to do this, but it may be worth it if copper goes up in value. Of course, you will also want to look for wheaties (pre-1959 cents), and foreign coins. All wheat cents are good to save. Crazy toners are also cool, if you want to save them. Proofs can also (rarely) be found. Rarely you will find a Indian Head Cent from 1909 and before. If you do, you're pretty lucky. If you find 2009 cents with weird reverses, then you have found a Bicentennial Cent. They are not worth much, but you can save them.


First of all, silver. Nickels made from 1942-1945 with a large mintmark on the reverse are 35% silver, sometimes called 'War' Nickels, as they were created to save nickel for the war. If there is no large P, D, or S above Monticello on the reverse, then it is just copper-nickel. Also look for pre-1965 Nickels, as some are valuable. Proofs can be found semi-commonly, but remember to look for mirrored fields, and if it is after 1968, an S mintmark, although the San Francisco Mint did make some circulation strike coins with S mintmarks that are NOT proofs. Then, of course, you can find Indian Head or Buffalo Nickels from before 1939 with an Indian on the obverse and a buffalo on the reverse, as some Jefferson Nickels were struck in 1938 as well. If you find a Nickel from before 1913 like one CRHer on our site has, it is a Liberty Head Nickel. Also look for 2009 P and D Nickels, as they have very low (compared to regular) mintages.


Of course, you should look for silver, but what years are they silver? If it is dated before 1965, then it is 90% silver. Other than that, proofs can be found. If it is 1968 or after it will have an S mintmark. If it is from 2009, both P and D, it is worth saving, for the same reason the Nickels are.

But, do remember that if you see a coin you like, it will only cost you face value to take it out. So, if you want to, I advise you to take out ANY coin you like.


Hunt Update #6, the results of my first and SECOND Nickel box hunts

The Complete US Coinage Era (not Error) Encyclopedia Part 2: the Bust Craze

As always, thanks for reading,


P. S. Yes, I did say another Hunt Update and US Coinage Encyclopedia are coming, so look out for them!



Level 2

Cool finds! I've been looking for a silver dime for so long!


Level 4

Some great finds. Congrats on a successful auction and hunt. Keep up the enthusiasm, and happy future hunting. Keep us posted on any other intriguing finds you come across, especially the silver.


Level 4

I got the same CONECA penny:) Also great find!!!!! I found a quarter with a small cud once but that is so cool!


Level 5

Awesome finds! Love the Cud!


Level 4

Nice finds! Great blog! Thanks!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Really cool finds, especially the silver Roosevelt. I received a rare wheatie in change yesterday (1941) but I put it in my change cup for future recirculation.


Level 5

That's a great lot you won in the YN auction. Congrats on everything you got and found!

AC coin$

Level 6

Great blog . Nice coins .


Level 5

I enjoyed your explanation of a cud and your pictures showing the poor reverse relief as a result. Good blog! Keep it up!


Level 6

Fantastic finds. Welcome to CONECA. Good luck and thanks.


Level 5

Incredible cud! I’m still waiting to find my first big one, I’ve only found small and medium sized cuds. Maybe I need to sort some more cents! Good job spotting the dime. I almost missed a W quarter because it had a lot of grime on it.


Level 6

Nice blog! You did really well on this hunt! Keep up the good work! ; )


Level 7

Great finds. Good for you. You never know what you will find out there. Keep it up and thanks for the blog!

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