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08 Jan 2022

About My Collection Issue One: Foreign Silver Coins

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About My Collection

Collection One:
If you're wondering about this blog, the name should be self explanatory. This blog is about my first collection: Foreign Silver Coins. These blogs will contain answers to questions you may be thinking about my first collection. If you would like to visit my collection, simply leave this page and go to collections. There you can view my coins, but here you can get a good explanation about them.

Number One: Canadian Maple Leaf

This Canadian Maple Leaf is unique for one major reason, it weighs 1.5 ounces. If you were wondering, 1.5 ounces is not the normal weight for silver bullion coins. If you have heard about this before, please comment below. Now to the coin. This coin features on the obverse, Queen Elizabeth's profile. An inscription around it pronounces: ELIZABETH II, 8 DOLLARS. The reverse depicts three maple leaves, connected to a branch with inscriptions around it: CANADA, 2015, FINE SILVER 1 1/2 OZ ARGENT PUR. In the second paragraph I will explain the details of this coin.

This 1.5 ounce, bullion coin is made of .999 percent fine silver. Elizabeth's profile is looking to the right, smiling. Her head has a string of inscriptions around it. The obverse design is well struck with a good impression. The reverse shows a delicately designed maple tree branch, with leaves attached.This coins thickness is almost two times that of the usual bullion coins. The obverse design is lacking, hence it is not my favorite coin of this collection.

Number Two: Canadian Polar Bear

This Canadian Polar Bear is the same weight as the Maple Leaf and is well detailed. The obverse is the same, with the same inscriptions, but the reverse is differing. The reverse includes a polar bear with cub on a ice pack with the same inscriptions as the previous coin's reverse.

The finess of this coin is .9999, nine ten thousandths finer than the previous one in this collection.
This coin has a unique design of polar bear on it that the Canadian Mint has done well on. The silver in this is well shined and looks sharp. I cannot say much more about this coin that has not already been said about the Maple Leaf. So on to number three.

Number Three: Australian Koala

This Koala features Queen Elizabeth's profile facing right, yet again, with the inscriptions: ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, 1 DOLLAR. This depiction of Queen Elizabeth's profile includes a crown with jewels. The reverse features a koala on a limb climbing across with the inscriptions: AUSTRALIAN KOALA, 2016, 1 OZ .999 SILVER.

This coin is most likely my favorite of the set with the better depiction of Queen Elizabeth. The heavily detailed koala on the back is in reverse proof finish, hence its shine and deep black color.

Number Four: South African Kruggerand

The obverse features the profile of Paul Kruger facing left with the inscriptions: SUID-AFRIKA◇SOUTH AFRICA. The reverse pictures a springbok antelope/gazelle in the savanna with the inscriptions: KRUGGERAND, 2021, FYNSILWER 1 OZ FINE SILVER R1.

This is only coin that has an obverse that faces left and is not Queen Elizabeth's profile. This one has an uncirculated finish and similiar inscriptions on the reverse. This coin is varying from all of the other coins in the set with the lack of Queen Elizabeth's face.

Number Five: Brittanica

The Brittanica silver bullion coin is a beautifully crafted piece of silver with Queen Elizabeth's profile on the obverse and (Lady is it?) Brittanica on the reverse. Queen Elizabeth with a detailed crown faces right with the inscriptions: •2 POUNDS• ELIZABETH II•D•G•REG•F•D. The reverse features Brittanica standing with spear and shield facing left and inscriptions: BRITTANICA, 2021, 1 OZ, .999 FINE SILVER.
A nicely engraved reverse proof coin with Brittanica holding a Union Jack shield on the reverse and Queen Elizabeth's Head on the obverse. This is my final entry in. Thanks for reading,

Novice Numismatics Writing Team

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This article was written by Novice Numismatics Writing Team



Level 5

Great coin! Thanks for the blog!


Level 6

Nice blog, great coins! ; )


Level 7

After 30 years I can explain my coins. We have a saying buy the book before the coin. Thanks for the blog! The Queen is always the obverse. Or King who ever rules.


Level 6

Nice collection. I have a question, was this blog written by a team or a single person? Just curious. Thanks guy or team.


Level 4

A singular person, although I think referring to myself as a "team" sounds better.


Level 6

Nice job of writing , looking forward more.


Level 4

I just realized my collection was set to draft and not publish. You should be able to view it now.


Level 4

Please mention a coin to me that you would like reviewed in my next article. Novice Numismatics Writing Guy does not have the same ring to it.


Level 4

You can view my collection for full pictures.


Level 4

Nice! Ditto to what Coin Collector 7777 said. The only one ounce silver I have are ASE's. I have three

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice coin l like Australian coins . Great blog . Thanks for sharing .

I like any coin if it's silver.


Level 5

Think I have a Koala coin. I have purchased a few 1.5 ounce silver rounds at the local dealer. I like the 1.5 ounce rounds.


Level 4

The timeline for Coin Review will be 1 to 2 days after my Special Selection article depending on if I write another About My Collection article or if I decide on a coin to write about.


Level 5

Cool coins!

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