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07 Oct 2022

Finds + Purchases of the Past Few Months--Hunt Update #7

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Finds + Purchases of the Past Few Months

Hunt Update #7

Okay, last blog, I said expect this blog in ten days. Sadly I'm very late, and I have been very busy, in fact, so busy that I missed the Annual YN Auction. Yes, I missed the entire thing. I didn't get even a grab bag, but don't worry, because the amount of coin finds I've had recently sort of makes up for it, and just so you know, everything in this blog is going to be about those finds, because yes, this is a built up total of so many finds in the last four months. Also, some of these finds I may brag about, just because I'm still so impressed I found them. Enjoy!

As I've been coin roll hunting, I've noticed that if you find a good bank, the odds are that you'll find some good coins there. A good bank will be larger than other local banks and/or credit unions, and it will generally be closer to your house or apartment for quicker trips, and of course, it is good if the tellers there are friendly and will allow you to come there and purchase coins without restricting what you can buy.

I've recently found such a bank, and my finds have doubled, if not tripled, from what I had found at a smaller bank. You will most likely be astounded at some of these finds, as I know I was surprised to so suddenly be getting CRH coins that many hope to find, but fewer actually find them.

So, using my not-patented-but-easy-method-to-order-my-finds, or just my Denominational Ordering Method, I present to any and all reading, my finds and purchase of the past few months:


The smallest denomination can bear very good finds, but sadly the only coins I have to share are a scattered collection of Wheat Cents, with the most notable being a 1919 Cent, as well as five Wheaties found in the reject slot of a bank coin counter. Found: almost three months prior to this blog


I'm not sure if your ready for this find, although it is not silver, as well as not being a Buffalo, this coin is a great find. The date of this coin is. . .1903, and if that didn't tell you that this coin is a Liberty Head 'V' Nickel, then I just did. Oh, did I say "this coin" singularly? Well, after finding that G 1903, I saw what looked like an AG Nickel, and naturally, I inspected it, to find just that, an AG Nickel, bearing the date 1902. If that didn't knock you straight out of your chair, then I'll tell you that the two 'V' Nickels were in the same roll. Well, now that you are staggering back on to your seat, imagine I tell you that there is even better to come, and that might just make you tumble down the stairs that are behind your chair in your room. P.S. Sorry about the bruises. Found: Almost two months prior to this blog


Dimes generally do not produce great finds, as there is little chance of finding a little silver, and there aren't many other highlights of this denomination. However, I surprisingly found a proof bearing the date 1971, as well as an 'S' mintmark. The entire reverse looks simply like any normal Dime, but the reflective obverse and 'S' mintmark gave it away.Found: Same as CENT


My only find in the denomination referred to as the 'Quarter' is a 2019 RNR ATB Quarter bearing the mintmark of West Point. These 'W' quarters had a small mintage of ten million in 2019 (split across five designs), and another ten million (also split across five designs) in 2020. Compared to the mintages of Philadelphia and Denver coin in those two years, that is a very small amount and is with good reason a rarity. Also, my 1962-D Quarter I won a few months ago came, and is sitting happily in a circa-1964 Whitman Blue Quarter Album. Found: Same as CENT/DIME


The Half Dollar denomination is known as the best denomination for finding large amounts of silver, mainly because a 90% Half Dollar (pre-1965) has .36 of an ounce of silver. A 40% Half Dollar (1965-1970) contains about .15 of an ounce of silver. Enough of these Halves can give you a few ounces of silver, depending on how many you find. I found both a 90% (pictured, including what I saw when I opened the roll), and a 40% (not pictured). Those are great finds, especially from only just ten rolls. I also found four NIFCs in five more rolls (not pictured). Sadly, those are my final finds, but I still have a purchase to talk about, so don't leave just yet. Found: Same as NICKEL


Recently, I visited the Denver Mint for the second time this year, as they have reopened the Gift Shop. Although there were many unique and cool coins to buy (including commemoratives and Eagles withheld from the online sales), I eventually decided upon one of the best options they had, which I was thoroughly surprised that it hadn't been picked up already. This commem. coin's design won the Coin of the Year award in 2021, and with good reason, as it has an astonishing concave-convex design (it could also be referred to as a curved coin). If you haven't guessed already, the coin I was talking about is the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Silver Dollar, issued in 2019. I got a great deal and only paid $60 for the coin! Purchased: Same as NICKEL/HALF DOLLAR

Now that I've talked about all these amazing finds/purchase, I'll do my valuable coins you can find in every denomination, except, of course gold coins. Now many of you more experienced CRHers may not need this (then again, none of you may need this), but for any of you who want to become a CRHer (but don't know what to look for), then here is the third and second to last part of my guide.

Small Dollar


Searching through Susan B. Anthony Dollars, you can find proofs (1979-S, 1980-S, 1981-S, and 1999- P all with mirrored fields, as they made circulating versions of all these coins), NIFCs (1981-P, -D, -S), and of course, the 1979-P Wide Rim Dollar. This coin has a wider rim, giving the appearance of the date being closer to the rim, so watch out for this valuable variety!

Sadly, I just want to get this blog posted, so I'm going to add yet another part to my guide, next Hunt Update. I will be (hopefully) seeing you soon in my next blog. Thanks for reading,



Nice purchases.


Level 5

Nice finds. Like hearing about roll searching. Reminds me to check my quarters for W mint marks. Keep the posts coming!

AC coin$

Level 6

Wonderful coin collection! Welcome back, good to see you. It seems months gone since your last time. Glad to see your writings because all your blogs are interesting. Great blog you have done. Good work. Do what you know and you are a Great YN and writer. Never give up.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Really enjoyed this, can't wait for the next segment. (:


Level 6

Very cool finds! Sorry to hear that you missed the YN Auction... Next time! ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

Those are some fine examples you've found. Just curious, perhaps you've mentioned in the past and I missed it, is there a specific series which you are pursuing?


Level 4

I collect mainly US Coins, either old (mostly base metal, for instance: Indian Head Cents), silver (for instance: SAEs), or just both (for instance: Merc Dimes or almost any other old silver). At some point (the point when I live in a mansion), I'll buy gold. But since I probably won't live in a mansion or even have the money to buy gold, I think I'll stick to silver.


Level 6

Nicely done. Great pick ups. Carry on.


Level 4

Those are amazing finds. I haven’t been able to find that “good bank”. Congratulations!


Level 7

You did do excellent! And our life comes before the hobby. So don't worry about being late! I can't believe you found silver. That's very rare these days. And a V Nickel. I'm still looking for the 1885. Find that one and its like the jackpot. Your right what you found makes up for the auction. Keep up the good work and great blogs!!


Level 5

Great blog and great finds! Congrats on getting silver in a half dollar roll (that is something I haven't done in quite a while)!


Level 4

Excellent additions. Don’t worry about how often you update, life is busy. Just glad you’re still searching, finding, and posting.

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