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01 Feb 2022

Going to the National Money Show?

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Hey fellow ANA members and YNs,

This blog is about the big "coin show", as they are called, in March. Now you and I know that collectors prefer to call them what they are. I like the name "Numismatic Conventions", because that describes them well in my opinion. But let's get down to the Numismatic Convention that we are going to talk about here, the National Money Show(NMS). We'll start off with accomadations during this great event, one of the places you can get a discount on if you mention the NMS, is the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. It will be $139 a night if you mention the show and receive the discount, plus $10 resort fee daily, and it is only 2 miles away from the Broadmoor, the hotel where this event is taking place. I'm afraid that this discount will only be guaranteed before Feb. 5, after that, no promises. If you would rather not stay at a hotel, and rather a house or temporary apartment, then you probably will be able to do that as well. The next thing I will tell you is my plan for the show, if you want ideas of things to in Colorado Springs, I am lucky to live only about 8 hours by car from this city, so driving will be my way of transportation. You may have other plans for travelling there, but for those of you who are coming from the following Northern Midwestern states, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, and North or South Dakota, then I recommend car travel, because if you are a YN, or even somebody who has not seen the Mint in Denver, you can drive through there and take a brief stop to check it out. If not, it is only an hour drive from CO Springs to Denver and would be a great place to see. You also have Pikes Peak in CO Springs, for those of you interested in the gold rush, or just seeing the mountain. The ANA Money Museum is a great destination, for people who want to see rare and valuable coins. And the Bartolin Hall, at the Broadmoor,is where the main part of the show will be. You can go to Ballroom Eas well for money talks and lectures, and on Saturday, there will be a special YN class from nine to noon, but if you want to go, click on Events and Webinars at the top of this page, scroll down to National Money Show, then near the bottom you will see the Kids Corner class. If you call that person or email him then have a parent/ guardian, or yourself, sign you up for the class. It will talk about what coin collecting is and there will be prizes. Age restrictions may apply. Check the page I mentioned to see minimum or maximum age range. These things are a few suggestions for what you can do while you are there. Hope to see you in CO Springs,

Novice Numismatics Writing Team

This article in this series is written by Novice Numismatics Writing Team



Level 4

I may not be able to go due to recent events, but I hope I can.


Level 4

I plan to write a blog while I am there.

AC coin$

Level 6

Excellent thanks for information . Take care of yourself . Keep up , so good track . You are the future of collecting.


Level 5

Probably up to the COVID numbers like Cheerio Coins for me, too.


Level 5

I am still debating whether I will go. I guess it’s up to the Covid numbers then. Have fun there!


Level 6

Thanks for the information! I'd love to go... We'll see. ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

Enjoy your time there, I hope the weather is excellent.


Level 6

We've been to one. Great time.. Not this one.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Some day....


Level 5

One year I will get there.


Level 4

I am hoping to go. I'll have to see.

Too far for me, sadly.


Level 7

Thanks.for telling us about the show. But I can't travel . If you go tell us about it!!


Level 5

Sounds like there’s quite a lot of things to do there! Wish I could afford to make the trip! Thanks for sharing!

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