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29 Mar 2022

My Visit to the National Money Show(Deluxe Edition, includes Hunt Update)

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MAR, 2022

I was able to go to the NMS, so I will list many of the things I got. By the way, the show was huge. For my top purchases, we have some great coins including:

A 1932-D Washington Quarter in NGC VG-8 for $75
Famous for its low mintage, these are expensive in any shape.

1879-S Morgan Dollar Uncirculated PL(Raw)for $49
This one I sent to be graded. Should come back in 10-15 days. It is in the 'Grading/Quality Control' stage on NGC's website.

1982-S George Washington 250th Annniversary of Birth Commemorative Half Dollar(in OGP)for $8
First modern commemorative, so pretty cool coin.

1960-D Uncirculated Mint Set and 1962 Philadelphia Uncirculated Mint Set(both in OGP), both for $15
Both have Unc. Ben Franklin halves, which are really great coins.

I also bought four different 'junk silver' coins for a really good deal, so that is great. But I don't want to get a picture of each one of them, so I probably won't do that.

But that is all I bought. There are about thirty coins that were given to me, and those were really nice. Best of all would be the four sample slabs I got, two NGC, one PCGS, and one ANACS.

But away from the NMS, I have a few finds to share, including two 2022-D Lincoln Cents(sorry, not 'no D' cents like the ones from 1922). And then I have another find which is a lightly toned 1958-D Wheat Cent in pretty good shape. But the best thing I got was... an OBW roll of 2022-D American Women Quarters! Why do I say "American Women Quarters" and not Maya Angelou quarters? Well, it is unlikely, but because the obverse is the only visible thing as it is sticking out on either side of the roll, it is possible they could be Sally Ride quarters, which were released March 21 for circulation.

But back to the NMS, I have a few coins I got for free to share. For Toner Tuesday, I got a heavily toned 1958-D Wheat Cent that is very colorful. I also got two 2019 Proof Sets, so now I have three. I also got two 'Penny & Planchet' sets, which are quite nice. I was able to meet Kenneth (Ken) Bressett there too, so that's pretty nice. I was given two packs of "US Mint Collector Cards"(I have never heard of these), something I got when I completed Treasure Trivia. I did go to the Money Museum in CO Springs as well, and saw two 1804 Dollars and two 1913 Liberty Head Nickels(Pictures included). But I have not much more to share about the NMS.

In other news, the price per pound of nickel at the time of my writing this about $14.45. For Nickels only, the government is operating on a huge loss. Nickels have been worth six cents for quite some time, but only recently have they skyrocketed making Nickels worth approximately 8 cents a piece. What does this mean? Hoard your Nickels. If nickel prices go higher, it could go to a dollar or event two dollars an ounce. But remember, it is illegal to melt Nickels, so don't do it(I really don't think any of you have secret Nickel melting machines, but just in case...).

I hoped you enjoyed the blog which has taken about 15 days(I know, I procrastinate) to make. Pictures will be here March 30, as it will take me a while to take a picture of most of the great coins I got. But as always I have to thank you guys for reading/commenting,

Novice Numismatics Writing Team



Level 5

Fantastic haul!!! Those are really nice coins. Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.


Level 5

I like the toning on your 1958-D Lincoln Cent. Also, I find that a lot of the fun at a big coin show is to view rare coins you will never be able to own. I may not own an 1804 dollar or a 1913 Liberty nickel, but I can say that I have seen examples of them!


Level 6

Nicely done. You did very well. great experience. I appreciate you added that toned cent to the toned coin forum. Thanks.


Level 4


Long Beard

Level 5

Those were some solid purchases. And this is why it's tough to match a coin show. Also, "Sample"? That's a first I'm seeing or hearing from any third party grader.


Level 4

Go to the Numismatist Digital Editions. In May, 2015, there was an article on them.


Level 4

Samples are actually a pretty old part of TPGs. They first gave them out at shows in the late '80s and '90s.


Level 6

Glad you had a good time! Thanks for all the photos! ; )


Level 4

They took me very long to upload.


Level 4

Pictures are here.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Thanks for sharing your ventures with new coins and your experiences at the coin show. It seems to be a rather attractive activity for enthusiasts. 'Hope you keep on getting more coins. Best regards.


Level 4

I'll try to get those today.


Level 7

Nice pick ups. Some are really nice coins. Pictures would of helped us but I will take the blog. Thanks for sharing.

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