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09 Apr 2023

A Visit to Orlando + CRH Finds--Hunt Update #8

| $tarCollector

A Visit to Orlando + CRH FindsHunt Update #8What does one do in Orlando?

07 Oct 2022

Finds + Purchases of the Past Few Months--Hunt Update #7

Young Numismatists Exchange | $tarCollector

Finds + Purchases of the Past Few MonthsHunt Update #7Okay, last blog, I said expect this blog in ten days. Sadly I'm very late, and I have been very busy, in fact, so busy that I missed the Annual YN Auction. Yes, I missed the entire thing. I didn't get even a grab bag, but don't worry, because the amount of coin finds I've had recently sort of makes up for it, and just so you know, everything in this blog is going to be about those finds, because yes, this is a built up total of so many finds in the last four months. Also, some of these finds I may brag about, just because I'm still so impressed I found them. Enjoy!As I've been coin roll hunting, I've noticed that if you find a good bank, the odds are that you'll find some good coins there. A good bank will be larger than other local banks and/or credit unions, and it will generally be closer to your house or apartment for quicker trips, and of course, it is good if the tellers there are friendly and will allow you to come there and purchase coins without restricting what you can buy.I've recently found such a bank, and my finds have doubled, if not tripled, from what I had found at a smaller bank. You will most likely be astounded at some of these finds, as I know I was surprised to so suddenly be getting CRH coins that many hope to find, but fewer actually find them.So, using my not-patented-but-easy-method-to-order-my-finds, or just my Denominational Ordering Method, I present to any and all reading, my finds and purchase of the past few months:CENT

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