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29 Aug 2019

Star Note Lookup Info

Paper Money-U.S. | user_17552

I have decided to research. I have learned a lot since looking into star serial number paper currency. I have always loved star bills, as some call them, but now I understand better how their value works. Star serial numbers are created when a bill of a certain serial number has to be destroyed because it had an error. Since the government doesn't allow the same number to be used twice, a star is added instead of the letter that was once there.

28 Aug 2019

Paper Currency Question

Paper Money-U.S. | user_17552

I can't upload a picture but I will give description. I have a $5 bill 2013. The serial number is MF00009792* So my question is, is this bill worth keeping and of an increased value as a result of its serial number?

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