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27 Apr 2017

Fake collectible coins became an epidemic: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Dear friends,
I have started writing articles about Numismatics on an online free nedws platform. My first articles has been publishedd!
Fake collectible coins became an epidemic: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
I have tried to make it as simple and useful as possible to both beginners and more experienced collectors.
As that website works by readership, please click and read the article in order to help me remain on the platforma and write more.
Please also let me know if and how useful you found it. I would greatly appreciate any feedback!

Thank you very much!



Level 6

Great blog! Very interesting views on fake coinage.


Level 4

Thank you all for your feedback! And also for taking the time to read my work! The article has done very well and I was asked to write another one with a numismatic theme. I will be posting later today! Now to answer your questions: Yes, the Chinese counterfeiting ring has been operating at least for a decade. I read an article about them in the Cyprus Weekly, a newspaper in my country, that reported at least 25 Cypriots who were fooled. Yes it should be longer in order to assist more experienced collectors but the limit is 4000 characters and the article was 3997. Sometimes I write here too! I wrote it there in order to reach more people! Yes of course there are counterfeiters everywhere! Just imagine that the most famous counterfeiter in history, Christodoulos, is from my country, a small island in the Mediterranean with a population less than a million. Just think how many are in the US that has a population 300 times more than Cyprus! Thank you again!


Level 5

When fakes can fool the experts the rest of are in trouble.


Level 7

The Chinese counterfeiting ring has been operating for years. They do Morgan's so well NGC has slabed them. They are now into older coins and have always been in bullion. They even counterfeit there own coins. But ship them to us and we take them with open arms. They have t he same presses we have.



Level 6

Useful. Anything that alerts collectors to this problem is helpful. Keep writing.

Good article, needs to be beefed up a little if you want to present it to seasoned collectors but for newbies this should at least get them started on the right path. Anything that alerts the general public to become knowledgeable and even join in the hobby while being safe about what they buy is a step in the right direction.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

interesting thanks for sharing


Level 7

I forgot. Why don't you print some on this site?


Level 7

Thank you. However there are counterfeiters here in the U.S. They sell there fakes at big shows and in a day or two there gone. Middle eastern countries are making civil war tokens and other coins. I get updates every day from Coin World and the Nemismatic News. These are on line. Other coin outlets also send updates. I spoke to the secret service it's an ongoing investigation with currency and coins so they are trying. We have tools we use so we don't get stuck. Twenty three years never got one. They have tried but failed. Lots of luck and thanks. The ANA has classes about it you should look into it.

Interesting overview on fake collectible coins. Where did you hear about the Chinese Counterfeiting Ring? Thanks for sharing!

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