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29 Mar 2023

My new British coin

Coins-World | Speeding Arrow

Yesterday I received a package containing a new coin I order. This coin was meant to represent the changing of the face of the obverse from Queen Elizabeth the 2nd to King Charles the 3rd. A new coin will be coming with Charles on the obverse. It is made of 1oz of fine silver and has a face value of 2 pounds. It also has a diameter of 38.61mm. These coins could easily be part of anyone's collection. Thanks to the Royal British Mint for some of the information. Some extra news is that I will be going to the national battlefield coin show on Saturday from 9-11 am. I will be taking a water bottle with a sticker from the ANA to show I am from there. Please attend this show if you can it is amazing and most of us are going. See you there!

26 Mar 2023

I can't find a 2021-D Crossing the River Quarter

Young Numismatists Exchange | Speeding Arrow

I have been looking around for a while and can't seem to find a 2021-D quarter. I have 8 2021-P versions but can't seem to find a D. Has anyone else found one? Please let me know. And before anybody asks, I prefer to find the coin in circulation than to buy it.

24 Mar 2023

Silver Eagle Dollars.

Young Numismatists Exchange | Speeding Arrow

Recently I have been collecting these coins after I gave one to my father for his birthday. These are a few of them, most of them I have to keep sealed so as not to get them in bad condition. The one that is slabbed I got as a prize from a coin show. These coins have been around since 1986 and are 1oz of fine silver. So this means you have to be extremely careful ( as you would do with any coin ) and wear gloves. Other than that it is a pretty easy set to collect although you should start by getting the proofs out of the way since they can be expensive. They are not in circulation and will most likely never be. I am still not quite sure when I will be going to the PAN show in Gettysburg but I will update you on that later. Stay happy and enjoy your collecting.

23 Mar 2023

My Local Coin Shop

Coins | Speeding Arrow

I have an antique shop near my house that my mom will take me to every now and again and they have great coin prices. Anyway, there is a box full of Liberty Head Nickels that are all at least fine. And they only cost $0.50 per Liberty Head and Buffalo Nickels are each $0.75 which isn't too bad. This is where I got my first half dime and shield nickel. I might buy some of those coins and sell them at the PAN show in Gettysburg. I would also like to know from you what my avatar should be. I am not sure what it should be just now, but Mike is helping me get an avatar and a new name. Thanks, Mike!

17 Mar 2023

The Flying Eagle Cent

Coins-United States | Speeding Arrow

I finally got a legendary Flying Eagle cent! I have wanted to have one of these in my hands when I was just an early collector. It is an 1857 specimen and is classified as genuine. I was so pleased to get this as this was on my bucket list to get at the local PAN show. I still want to tell you the history, so I'll start now. The Flying Eagle cent was first minted in 1856 while only 634 were actually minted making them extremely rare. This coin came into existence after large unpopularity with the large cents. Several businesses and banks would not accept the coin as legal tender as the only excepted coins were gold and silver coins. And it cost the mint $1.06 for every dollar worth of large cents. This led to the creation of the small cent that we know. What I don't understand is why we still have pennies now if it cost $2 for every dollar worth of pennies. Maybe a future blog later :) Thanks to PCGS for the information.

08 Mar 2023

South Eastern Transportation Token

Tokens | Speeding Arrow

Hello guys, over the weekend a found these two coins in some change and thought it was pretty cool, so I wanted to share it with you guys. SEPTA is the company that made this coin. Around 200 million people ride annually as of 2020. These coins would allow you to get a fare and they would cost around $2 for a fare. The company stopped using these coins, but people still sell them on eBay. These coins will probably never be used again to do more digital uses, but they would be part of any good collection.

02 Mar 2023

PAN shows

Coin Shows | Speeding Arrow

Hi guys, hope you're having a great day, but I have a question for you all. So I know some of you are part of PAN and that you probably go to coin shows as well. So I was wondering if anyone was going to the coin to the National Battlefield Coin Show in Gettysburg from April 6th - 8th 2023. I don't know which day I am going to yet, but I'll tell you nearer to the date. Hope to see you there!

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