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21 Sep 2022

The Queen is out of reach

| Speeding Arrow

I know everyone has heard about the Queen's death, but I don't think everybody is taking it as seriously as I hoped. The queen was never supposed to be queen in the first place so even that is slightly impressive. The queen's coronation was the first ever televised making King Charles the 3rd the 2nd televised coronation. Queen Victoria was the only other monarch in British history to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. Even though Queen Elizabeth doesn't have the longest reign, King Louis XIV holds this record for 72 years, but he inherited the throne at the age of 4. The main reason I believe the queen died is that after her husband died in 2021, it all went downhill from there. At our school, all the classes had the funeral playing on TV. Long beard has a better blog on this topic, so you can check him out.

18 Sep 2022

Morgan Dollars

Coins | Speeding Arrow

This is the history of the Morgan dollar. The Morgan dollar was made in 1878 at the Philadelphia mint. They were designed by George T. Morgan, hence the name. I believe that these coins are definitely the first coins sought out by beginners and experienced alike. I have 1921, 1893, and 1889 Mogan dollars. This coin is also very different from others, for example, it has the quote In God We Trust on the reverse and not the obverse. The eagle on the reverse is very strange and that is why the coin is nicknamed the buzzard coin. The lady on the coin also is not the usual lady liberty. In fact, somebody used to be the face of the dollar. Later, this same person was thrown in jail for being portrayed. There is so much more about the Morgan dollar which I will do later. Thank you!

17 Sep 2022

Coin Show

Coin Shows | Speeding Arrow

So I know I have been gone for a very long time, but I am back with some new information! So over this time, I have been to 2 coin shows, one in Gettysburg and the other in Harrisburg. At the first coin show, I went to I was very excited and sold my first coin (1902 O Barber dime ). I bought a 1943 penny, 1853 large cent, 1859 Indian cent, 1909 VDB cent, as well as a 1913 variety 2 buffalo nickel. The next one I went to, I sold the buffalo nickel I got from the previous show for $20. In the picture above, you will see a 1921 Morgan dollar, a 1916 cent, and an off-centered 199 cent ( The date is cut off ). I will tell you many more stories later and good luck coin hunting.

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