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27 Mar 2022

Proof coins

Odd & Curious Money | user_22476

The U.S started minting proof coins as far back as the 1850s through very few were made. Philadelphia made the first proof sets and coins, but in 1968 it switched over to the San Fransisco mint. Some do not have a mintmark and can be very valuable. They started making sets in 1936 which was more than 85 years ago. As seen in one of the pictures, most sets have a certificate of Authenticity
(Shout out for Mike) Keep your coins in cases!



Level 5

Nice start and good advice from Long Beard


Level 6

Nicely done. Great set.


Level 6

Beautiful sets! Thanks for showing them! ; )


Level 7

Every coin I own is either slabed or protected . Slabed means graded. All my coins even my cents. There in air tites!! Thanks for the shout out!!


Level 4

Did you get this with your start out package when you joined (the 2019 proof set) ?


Level 4

Well kinda. I did an activity on the dollar project and the reward was a mint set. ( but maybe) and yes it is a 2019 proof set.

AC coin$

Level 6

An interesting information given. Good job.

Long Beard

Level 5

I would suggest a very thin, even coat of clear silicone around the original mint cases since these are not air tight. I've been doing so since the mid-eighties and all of them still look as the day I bought them.


Level 4

That's a good idea! I think I'll do that to mine

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