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24 Mar 2023

Silver Eagle Dollars.

Young Numismatists Exchange | Speeding Arrow

Recently I have been collecting these coins after I gave one to my father for his birthday. These are a few of them, most of them I have to keep sealed so as not to get them in bad condition. The one that is slabbed I got as a prize from a coin show. These coins have been around since 1986 and are 1oz of fine silver. So this means you have to be extremely careful ( as you would do with any coin ) and wear gloves. Other than that it is a pretty easy set to collect although you should start by getting the proofs out of the way since they can be expensive. They are not in circulation and will most likely never be. I am still not quite sure when I will be going to the PAN show in Gettysburg but I will update you on that later. Stay happy and enjoy your collecting.


AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

You have a beauty indeed for your keepsake. The purity and minting attention to details are a plus. Best regards. "Never give up."


Level 6

Can't go wrong with these ASE's. They were never meant to be circulated.


Level 7

Good information always take care of your coins. If you don't they won't be around to take care of you. Great set to collect!!


Level 5

Eagles are awesome. PAN show in Pittsburgh. Battleground show in Gettysburg April 6th to 8th. I plan to attend both. The YN that attend PAN show Saturday May 20th will have a great time. Gift bags and auction, with a treasure hunt if you sign up early. PAN does a great YN event. Say hello to Mokie who is the YN organizer. I will be there also helping. Be sure to say hello.

Speeding Arrow

Level 4

What day are you going to the Battleground show? I am going on Saturday. Please try and show that you are from the ANA so that I can talk with you.

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