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17 Mar 2023

The Flying Eagle Cent

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I finally got a legendary Flying Eagle cent! I have wanted to have one of these in my hands when I was just an early collector. It is an 1857 specimen and is classified as genuine. I was so pleased to get this as this was on my bucket list to get at the local PAN show. I still want to tell you the history, so I'll start now. The Flying Eagle cent was first minted in 1856 while only 634 were actually minted making them extremely rare. This coin came into existence after large unpopularity with the large cents. Several businesses and banks would not accept the coin as legal tender as the only excepted coins were gold and silver coins. And it cost the mint $1.06 for every dollar worth of large cents. This led to the creation of the small cent that we know. What I don't understand is why we still have pennies now if it cost $2 for every dollar worth of pennies. Maybe a future blog later :) Thanks to PCGS for the information.



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You have to follow me if you want help with that.


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Good blog. I like this series of coins as well. The one cent coin ain't going anywhere soon. My opinion. I could be wrong. Thanks.

AC coin$

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Glad you've added that great historical coin to your collection. As scarce as they are, yours is quite preserved. Best regards!!!Never give up.


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Nice coin for sure. I don't have any flying eagle cents. The cent will probably be on the way out eventually. All money eventually with digital currency? PAN show should be awesome again this May. KidZone should be fantastic again.

At the FUN show during the YN program, the Deputy Director of the U.S. Mint said that they did not have any plans to get rid of the cent.


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Because a cent can be used in thousands of transactions involving hundreds of dollars over the life of a single cent.

I am glad you got one, I still do not have one.


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Im happy for you. The first Cent was made by the U.S. in 1787. Called the Fugio cent designed by Benjamin Franklin. Other coins use copper. Cents are cover in copper good luck!

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