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21 Sep 2022

The Queen is out of reach

| user_22476

I know everyone has heard about the Queen's death, but I don't think everybody is taking it as seriously as I hoped. The queen was never supposed to be queen in the first place so even that is slightly impressive. The queen's coronation was the first ever televised making King Charles the 3rd the 2nd televised coronation. Queen Victoria was the only other monarch in British history to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. Even though Queen Elizabeth doesn't have the longest reign, King Louis XIV holds this record for 72 years, but he inherited the throne at the age of 4. The main reason I believe the queen died is that after her husband died in 2021, it all went downhill from there. At our school, all the classes had the funeral playing on TV. Long beard has a better blog on this topic, so you can check him out.



Level 5

It does seem to fit the standard thought.

AC coin$

Level 6

British coinage depicting late Q.E.II will go up in worth and demand within future collecting markets. The RCM has an exemplary historical collection. Nice blog.


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This is kinda of a strange blog... I do agree with Mokie... It seems with older couples when one dies the spouse is soon to follow.


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You have received some great comments here BUT what does this have to do with numismatics? Maybe I am missing something.

I. R. Bama

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I think younger people may have more difficulty understanding the significance of the Queen Mum's reign, especially as a predominantly American group here. The Queen provided an example of stability for her nation and Commonwealth member states through a number of turbulent times. In a time of rapid global destabilization, she will be missed not only by her subjects but by those of us who treasure our freedom. Thank you for a thought provoking blog!

It's Mokie

Level 6

I believe you are right about the ultimate reason for her death, long time couples often die within a short span of each other, my grandparents, on my father's side, are a prime personal example. God Save the Queen!!!!

Long Beard

Level 5

Interesting observations. Remember, Charles III is 73 and surely you'll witness yet another monarch change. Not that I'm wishing him any ill, simply being realistic. I like change myself.


Level 7

I think being at the age of 96 had something to do with it also.And she was the longest reigning Queen in British history. Bibliography please. Were do you get your information??And many of us did take it seriously. I wrote a blog on her. Read there comments.She was third in line behind her uncle and father. Her uncle died in 1936 and King Edward Abdicated the throne for the love of an American woman. So Elizabeth became Queen. Its a Monarchy.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Yes, the King abdicated his throne for an American Nazi sympathizer. Her name was Wallace Simpson. I believe the Rolling Stones had a pretty sappy song about him on their Steel Wheels album circa 1988. The whole era was a dark time for Great Britain with Neville Chamberlain as Prime Minister who maintained a conciliatory posture towards the Nazis. Thank God for Winston Churchill. Hmmm reminds me. I have to show off my British Commemorative coin!

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