26 Sep 2022

Small collection, but might get bigger in the future.



Level 7

I buy all the sets and use all the coins in books. That and I have books with older coins. Good start


Level 4

You have to start somewhere. That’s a great start!


Level 4

Ahh yes! The great American Proof Set. The U. S. Mint’s annual proof set is a great collector’s piece. More specifically, 1964 and prior due to 90% silver coinage, and 1999 to the present due to the many changes in annual coin sets (50 state quarters, territory quarters, America the Beautiful quarters, American Women quarters, Lincoln Bicentennial cents, and Jefferson westward series nickels). What’s even more intriguing is look at a proof set from 1964 and look at your 2019 proof set, and compare how much the minting process has changed the look of proof coins.


Level 6

Really beautiful! Any collection is a good collection, no matter the size. ; )

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