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21 Sep 2015

1977-D Eisenhower Dollar. MS-64 2% Straight Edge Clip.

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I bought this amazing and beautiful Ike dollar for my collection. It is a PCGS graded MS64 2% straight end clip. These errors happen when a blank is punched from the end or side of the sheet of metal, and the press is off, and does not cut a whole blank. The Blakesley effect on this coin is amazing! I dropped 70 dollars on this. I am very happy with my purchase.


The blakesley's effect on this coin is incredible!

Sir GrantsAlot

Level 3

even if it wasn't an error, the coin would still be worth a lot


Level 5

cool coin!


Level 5

not bad at all, for slabed error.


Level 3

Wow, awesome pickup! Maybe a QA sticker for that one? Looks like a lot of chatter around the chin, so I'm not to sure about that one...



Level 6

Good find! I have an Ike dollar that's similar with a clip on it... mine's not graded though. : )


Level 6

That's a good price for that great coin. Congrats.!


Level 5

Looks like a great find! Keep that collecting going!!!

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